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Online challenge groups, because sometimes it's just easier to do it in our own space & time! It matters more that we get it done then about how we do it.
I spun my wheels for years until I found the flavor of an at home plan with a personal coach to help me through it. Working out at home was much more convenient for me at one time as a single mom living in the boondocks often working overtime in the corporate world. There were quite a few long stretches that I paid for a gym membership but never utilized it. In the smaller rural area I lived at the time, the local Y had 4 treadmills and 3 elliptical machines. I remember standing in line a few times for a machine thinking "this is crazy, maybe I should just go for a walk." At some point I realized that in the time it would take me to make that 20 minute drive to the gym, I could get a better and more focused workout in at home. It seemed like some of my inhibitions that I may have held had at the gym were out the window at home. I was not afraid of looking silly or inexperienced, I was not afraid to push myself harder to hit that ugly point of a great workout. If you still look pretty after your workout, I'm sorry to tell you this if you have not heard it yet, but you did not do it right! I believe it is called a "work out" for a reason, it's not an "easy out". We don't gain results or progress if there is not at least a little discomfort, pain, or sweat. It's pushing past all that into a bit of the ugly to reach our pretty: physically, mentally and emotionally. Being able to workout online at home with an accountability group to check in with has been essential to my own consistency.

I work with an awesome team of coaches and we almost consistently have some sort of online challenge group running! Check in here or check in with me to see what we have going on, or what we may have lined up. Some groups are free and all that may be required is a little effort or a few supplies! Some groups come with a one time program purchase, and you own that skill set of training for life as you prefer to utilize it! We stick with you to help you through it, and even if you don't; we don't give up on you unless you outright request that. We still want to check in and see if you are sticking with the healthy habits, or if you are ever ready to try something new.

We also have a 30 day full refund money back guarantee on any purchased program if you are not satisfied.