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Now when it comes to home fitness options, hands down I would recommend a streaming BOD ( Beachbody on Demand) subscription 1st. Reason being is that it gives you the best priced option for a full ever growing array of programs for less then the cost of gym membership! Having the help from me and my team to check in, motivate, and keep you accountable too is like having a personal trainer in your back pocket for the best price possible!
Click on the photo below to learn more about your options for this streaming service. You can even do a 14 day free trial membership before deciding to buy!


I have done quite a few of these home fitness programs now, and they absolutely work wonders if you are willing to put in the time and effort.
My team and I have established support, encouragement and accountability systems for all of the programs listed here. We have been through them and are happy to connect you with others that have cleared or are currently working these home routines as well! You can do it to, and we are so super excited for the opportunity to help you!

If the DVD sets are more your style then the streaming, browse below to see all the awesome programs we have available. These are not just a sets of DVD's either I might like to add, they all come with a work out calendars as well as meal plans to optimize your results!
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