About Us

Sublime Advantage Wellness

- Seeking out the Sublime, one day at a time

Working on our wellness and taking steps towards improvement can be a tough enduring thing!

Check out the variety of awesome products, as well as my personal services on this website! Have a question or don't see something that you might like to? Contact me and I can do my best to help find exactly what you need. I am passionate and have pride in my work, I'm known to go above and beyond to help achieve results and satisfaction. I will fully back the satisfaction of any service or product that I provide with a 100% money back guarantee.

That being said, let's move on to a little more about our company background:
My whole life, I have been passionate about working on my own self improvements. In the past few years I have taken to help others in similar efforts, as an independent wellness coach.

I am now a practicing certified group fitness instructor with plans to pursue personal training options in the near future. I love being able to help people in a versatile ways online, as well as in live interactions.
My coaching started out as a hobby, and I could never in a million years have seen myself transitioning this in to a legitimate small business!